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It's never too late to shine Ballet classes for older learners.
You are

never tutu old for ballet

Unfit?  Stiff joints?  Lack of confidence?  You can still be a Silver Swan.

Silver Swans classes have been specifically designed for older learners, whatever your age.  If you are looking for a new way to keep fit and active, our ballet classes will put a spring in your step.

Whether you are a fitness fanatic or have a less active life, you will be surprised and pleased at just how much you can achieve in our Silver Swan dance classes.  Most of all you will feel welcome, safe, relaxed, among friends and you will have a lot of fun.

Taking part in a variety of exercises and movement sequences inspired by world famous ballet repertoire, improves your posture and balance.  Ballet training also has immense benefits for general health and well-being.  The gentle, stretching and postural movements improve your flexibility, coordination, technique, strength and lift your mood, leaving you walking taller and with a wonderful sense of well-being.  And of course all this whilst listening to beautiful music.

Have any questions, please check our FAQ section.

9 ways

in which dance can improve your life

Dance increases your energy levels
Dance classes are a great way to expand your social circle/ meet new people
Dance can help reduce stress and support weight loss
Dance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
Dance slows aging by improving the immune system
Dance can help diminish the symptoms of depression
Dance improves balance, resulting in fewer falls later in life
Dance increases cognitive ability by promoting new connections in the brain
Dance can enhance your sense of well-being and confidence

"Sarnai is our ballet teacher at SB Ballet Academy"

"She is amazing with all the dancers at Silver Swans! She is very patient when you are learning the steps so if you are a beginner you know you are in good hands. The music carries you along and it makes you want to learn more each week. The classes are very friendly and we enjoy our time together as we are all made to feel at ease. We have fun as well.""

-Carol, 60 - Silver Swan

"Whether (like me) you have"

"never had a dance lesson in your life, or maybe taken dance classes in the past and would like to try it again, you need not be nervous to try Silver Swans Ballet at SB Ballet Academy. There is no judgement of ability and all participants are made extremely welcome. Our teacher, Sarnai, is a lovely lady, talented, gifted and an excellent teacher. She will encourage and guide you every step of the way. I find the whole group friendly, welcoming and fun to be with. I almost forgot to mention the health benefits!. Good for balance, posture, coordination, core strength and brain function. Whatever your ability the coordinated movement to the beautiful ballet music is joyous"

Lesley - Silver Swan

"She is so patient and cares about all her pupils and has a lot of time for them! I was attending her adult classes before covid happened and she made me feel so confident and alive! She brought my childhood memories back and I feel so comfortable in her company! Thank You Sarnai!!"

Christine, Silver Swan