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Our Mission


Our mission is to inspire and nurture a love of dance by delivering encouraging and supportive dance tuition, in a professional and friendly environment.

Our ballet tuition will not only teach you to dance, but will also build your confidence, self esteem, instil self-discipline, determination, focus and resilience: all valuable core skills so useful for life.

For future ballet dancers our tuition affords a great platform, building an excellent foundation for later training.

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Our History

SB Ballet Academy was established in spring 2018 by Sarnai Byambadorj to offer professional-quality ballet dancing experiences for children, young people and adults.  Sarnai’s mission is to pass on her passion for ballet, inspiring her students by sharing her experience.  Dance education not only teaches dancing, but empowers students and teaches many life skills.

Sarnai was born in Mongolia, and she trained full-time for 7 years with the Perm Ballet School in Russia, where she learned the Vaganova method of dance.  She became a professional ballet dancer and worked for 6 years as a soloist at the National Academic Theatre of Opera & Ballet of Mongolia.

Sarnai then moved England to dance at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, where she performed as ballet soloist in the popular ECLIPSE Circus Musical at the Globe Theatre until its end in 2007.  In addition Sarnai was part of the in-house company performing ballet in a wide variety of productions there for 10 years.

After the birth of her second child Sarnai retired as a performer, deciding instead to follow her dream of becoming a teacher, and in 2017 enrolled for the Royal Academy of Dance Professional Dancers Teaching Diploma course through which she gained Registered Teacher status.  

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Why Choose Us


Our classes are fun, relaxed and age appropriate.  We offer family friendly in-house recitals giving all students the opportunity to be centre stage, regardless of their ability.  We want all our dancers to feel part of our dance family.  All students have the opportunity to take Royal Academy of Dance examinations in both the graded and vocational levels, if they wish, but there is no pressure to do so.

For children – we offer exciting, captivating and systematic lessons which engage girls and boys by taking part in various activities through ballet, so helping to improve physical well-being and school learning, boost creativity and concentration, develop an understanding of music and rhythm and generate a love of movement.  

For adults – regardless of age, ballet training also has immense benefits for general health and well-being.  The gentle, stretching and postural movements improve your flexibility, coordination, technique, strength and lift your mood.  And of course all this whilst listening to beautiful music.

 For everyone – with small class sizes we ensure each student has individual attention.  We maintain a supportive and encouraging environment so every student can enjoy learning without the fear of failure.  Feedback, corrections and positive advice is given in a gentle, supportive way, always with the aim of instilling confidence, positive self-esteem and encouraging a love of dance.  

SB Ballet Academy has knowledgeable, supportive and caring teachers and we make every effort to create a safe and positive environment.  With this and high quality tuition our aim is to make your dance learning experience and an enjoyable and memorable one.